About us

The Congregation of The Missionary Sisters of Divine Providence came to life when God's plan and call found an answer in the heart of a woman of strong faith, with a vision, filled and enriched with an inspired gift of deep spirituality, this Lady is called SisterAugustina B C Amadi.As a growing child she loved collecting water and firewood for old people in her community. The Lord directed her for the work ahead. The courageous action of this lady and her companions is very much alive today in the mysterious interaction of divine call and human response. The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Divine Providence is a religious congregation of women which began on the 25th January 2000.The Congregation is devoted to our Lady of the Rosary.

As the work of God must progress throughout the world, The Missionary Sisters of Divine Providence were invited to work in England by the Bishop of the Hallam Diocese in Sheffield in September 2013.

Sister Rosemary and Sister Anne arrived in Sheffield from Nigeria and immediately integrated within the community with both old and young alike. They live and work within the parish of St Oswalds Catholic Church, the joint Catholic/Anglican school attached to St Oswalds, and within the City itself including St Marie’s Catholic Cathedral, and schools and hospitals in Sheffield.

Their presence at St Oswald’s church has seen an increase in the congregation and an amazing increase of Baptism’s and Confirmation numbers. The community is the central hub from where they will extend their spiritual and practical acts of humanity and care. They have become integral components within the area and they bring peace, understanding and compassion to the area. Their skill at reaching out to the youth of the community is so refreshing and beneficial along with extending their love and care to the elderly in both spiritual and practical terms.

Charism :

The Charism of the Congregation is Overwhelming love; first among ourselves and through us to the less privileged whom the sisters devote their time, talent and energy to serve.

Spirituality of our institute :

The Spirit of the congregation is unity and service leading our members to serve the less privileged, elderly people and children with selfless dedication.

Apostolate :

The sisters engage in :

  • Family counselling from grassroots level
  • Formal and informal education
  • Pastoral work
  • Youth ministry
  • Social work
  • Clinic/ Hospital/ Health care
  • Prison Chaplaincy

The four essentials which shaped the nature of our congregation :

Jesus Christ, who was sent by the Father now sends us forth in the power of the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Gospel by our lives.

The church which by its very nature continues the presence and mission of Christ.

The world, which is the concrete situation in which we carry out Christ's mission.

Our Charism provides energy and focus to our religious lives and mission.We are Women of love who love to serve.


Rev. Mother Augustina B.C. Amadi Foundress Missionary Sister of Divine Providence


Sr Anne


Sr Maureen